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European Remanufacturing Council

So 6 months after it’s launch the ERC continues to grow and attract interest from Corporations and SME’s alike. We at APDI are pleased to be part of the organisation having joined in October. We look forward to working with David Fitzimons and his team, along with other members to further the remanufacturing philosophy and implementation. Not forgetting of course “Rodney Copperbottom”

Remanufacturing at Davos

The profile of reman has certainly increased rapidly in recent years. Discussions at high profile gatherings such as that taking place in Davos can only help put remanufacturing and recycling high up on the environmental and productivity agenda.

Happy (remanufacturing) New Year

Happy New Year to all and lets hope that remanufacturing continues to gain traction in 2017 and grow profitability to all, delivering environmental benefits at the same time.


Here we are again another year gone and the focus (as always) moves from Remanufacturing to recycling. Yes is time to dust off the box in the attic and recycle the aftershave given to the man with a beard. The medium size jumper given to that extra large friend and the totally tacky trinket box given to a fussy partner by her supposed best friend !


Merry Xmas and a happy and Peaceful New Year !!!

EU remanufacturing conference 27th Jan 17

Good to see Europe get more involved in remanufacturing. It will be interesting to see what comes out from the launch meeting.