Stringent Testing and evaluation during all stages of the remanufacturing process is a fundamental requirement to ensure that finished product meets (or exceeds) the performance of the new build product. During production, items and assemblies are evaluated against standard comparative samples, and/or subjected to functional testing such as operation to specification, and flash testing for insulation compliance. Due to the variable nature of remanufacturing this is a 100% mandatory requirement.

Testing is either conducted using dedicated bespoke test equipment, or a functional test at full equipment level. Once tested and approved the remanufactured product is packed as per customer requirements and labelled appropriately. Prior to despatch a random low % post pack audit is conducted whereby the labelling and packaging are checked for conformance to specification, and the product subjected to a further functional and visual inspection and test.

Every operator has been trained to test a range of products. This not only adds to their own skills base and a commitment to quality production, but increases the flexibility of each production team.


test machine

Test machine


APDI R&D Our Mission and Principles
of Remanufacturing


Our Mission is to be regarded as experts in the re-manufacture of electro-mechanical modules/ assemblies. Click a segment for more details.

Learn the module application and customer expectations. Understand the module design and component functionality.

Learn the failure modes- Critical to know the reman process will capture all failure causes. Develop re-use criteria for all components.

Ensure capability of new materials. OE materials/components preferred. Rigorous field trials. In-house testing to ensure functionality and life.

Understand assembly requirements and settings- dedicated tooling and fixtures to provide capability. Fully trained workforce participating in the development of the process and FMEA’s. Robust final inspection. 100% machine test often used. Continual improvement as process matures. Build team involvement.

Work closely with customers’ & supply chain from design through manufacture to field support specialists.

The Circular Economy

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APD have been at the forefront of the re-use/recycling industry, saving over 100,000 tonnes of landfill in the past 10 years.