Almost all the raw materials used in manufacturing products are made from materials extracted from the earth. Whether its Iron Ore, Bauxite, crude Oil or rarer materials such as Scandium, Yttrium, Thulium, Lutetium, Gold or Silver. Each of these elements is expensive to find, extract and process to a usable form.

These costs arise because many of the elements are deep in the earth in remote locations, requiring deep mining with its associated labour costs, or open cast mining using machines. The material extracted then needs to be sifted and processed to obtain relatively small amounts of usable product. This results in vast quantities of spoil being dumped in ways that denude the land of vegetation, and wildlife and make it unsuitable for any further use.

APDI’s process reduce the need for such extraction and all subsequent manufacturing processes. Right up to the point at which APDI’s work of remanufacturing begins.

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APDI R&D Our Mission and Principles
of Remanufacturing


Our Mission is to be regarded as experts in the re-manufacture of electro-mechanical modules/ assemblies. Click a segment for more details.

Learn the module application and customer expectations. Understand the module design and component functionality.

Learn the failure modes- Critical to know the reman process will capture all failure causes. Develop re-use criteria for all components.

Ensure capability of new materials. OE materials/components preferred. Rigorous field trials. In-house testing to ensure functionality and life.

Understand assembly requirements and settings- dedicated tooling and fixtures to provide capability. Fully trained workforce participating in the development of the process and FMEA’s. Robust final inspection. 100% machine test often used. Continual improvement as process matures. Build team involvement.

Work closely with customers’ & supply chain from design through manufacture to field support specialists.

The Circular Economy

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APD have been at the forefront of the re-use/recycling industry, saving over 100,000 tonnes of landfill in the past 10 years.